Question for you…..

Are you beginning to see things more clearly (with 2020 vision) as the year is rounding 3rd and headed to home?

I wonder, did your 2020 business or personal plans have a backup plan for Covid-19 or as we say in golf, do you need a mulligan?

Wherever you find yourself in the middle of this history defining time (Covid-19 - circa 2020), God still desires to have an intimate and personal relationship with you and he created you with this in mind. We all have needs and we come into relationships needy, the question is do we desire to only have our needs met or do we look to meet the needs of others first? Here is an incredible example of someone meeting the needs of others.....God’s word tells us “While we/you/me were still sinners, Christ died for us (you/me)” - Romans 5:8.

Did you see what happened there !!!?? He (Christ) gave up his Life to pay your sin debt with the sacrifice he made on the cross, his very life for yours, the “exchanged life”. He gave up everything so that you could have everything, and have life both abundantly and eternally. That’s some really Good News!!