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Are you an Ambassador for Christ?

Operation Timothy is about sharing the Great Commission

Our objective is to meet businessmen right where they are to help them become all God designed them to be!

We are here to help you find purpose in your life and in your work through the transformational truth found in Jesus Christ. We will journey with you as you connect with other businessmen, to God, and to a life-changing mission! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to serve in any way that we can to assist you in your navigation of today's business environment.

Please feel free to learn more by looking to our Connect3 Teams for contact information.

How we work

CBMC provides life-on-life discipleship, events, workshops, and resources - all for the purpose of training and preparing believers to engage other men with the Gospel.



Our focus is on building life-on-life relationships: professional businessmen living in community with one another, united by a love for Christ and a desire to make him known in the Louisville area for the glory of God.



Our CBMC Louisville Small Groups provide a safe environment for men to gather in genuine fellowship, time in the Word, and in prayer together.

It all comes down to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment; in other words, to know Him and to make Him known and to love Him and love others.


A brief description of our groups:

  • Focused on relationships (devoted to one another)
  • Focused on application of the Word taught
  • Prayer
  • Safe environment
  • Goal to grow and multiply (through development of like-minded leaders)

Discipleship in the context of relationships.

Mt. 28, Mt. 22, Lk 14: 26-33, Acts 2:42, Phil. 2:19-24, 1 Thes, etc.



We don't want anyone falling through the cracks in his spiritual life. We provide opportunities for connecting to other businessmen for the purposes of accountability and support in their walks with Christ.